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Chase Edwards is a leading provider of property investment information to clients across Australia. The company has established a solid reputation for advisory services that fully maximise investors’ wealth-generating capacity through property.

Chase Edwards achieves this by providing guidance on the specific type of investment property to buy, how to handle the acquisition process and strategies for managing your property and maximising its returns over the life of your investment.

Additionally, by analysing the specific requirements and investment goals of their clients, Chase Edwards is able to recommend the most appropriate property investment strategy based upon individual needs. The firm’s financial advisers operate according to a long-term investment horizon, meaning that the benefits associated with property are targeted towards growth strategies that build up over time. This strategy sets Chase Edwards apart from its competitors that are more focused on short-term, high risk approaches to property investment.

Advantages of investing in property with Chase Edwards

1. Negative gearing

Importantly for investors, Chase Edwards is able to recommend negative gearing strategies that make best use of available government tax concessions. Regardless of the situation in the property market, negative gearing offers a significant incentive for investors to pursue this asset class. Chase Edwards provides investors with information on how best to harness negative gearing as a powerful means for accumulating assets in preparation for retirement. Newly constructed homes offer a considerable negative gearing opportunity and with the correct information and support, it is possible for investors to navigate this tax strategy and reap considerable returns.

2. Rental income

Rental income is highly tax-effective and offers a number of generous deductions such as insurance, repairs and legal/professional costs that are able to be written off. Indeed there are many advantages to being a landlord, particularly with regards to generating passive income. After purchasing a property establishing a good tenancy should guarantee regular income. However, securing the right tenant can be just as important as purchasing the correct property.

For this reason, rental management services such as those offered by Chase Edwards provide important guidance to assist in overseeing your property. There are many important decisions to make including: how much rent you will charge for your property, which tenant you decide upon and how you will maintain and manage your investment overall.

Capital Growth on a leveraged asset

Property investment provides the opportunity to leverage up to 90 per cent of the asset’s value. This represents a significant opportunity for investors to benefit from capital growth on a highly-leveraged property in a way not afforded by other asset classes. Chase Edwards’ clients are among many Australians to have enjoyed the double-digit growth in property prices witnessed across the major capital cities in recent years. Given that banks and lending institutions continue to exhibit a large appetite for property, this provides a fantastic opportunity for wealth generation from a highly-leveraged investment.

Property selection and acquisition

Chase Edwards chooses properties according to strict investment criteria, ensuring that clients receive advice that is 100 per cent impartial and suited to your needs. In formulating this advice, the company assesses a client’s existing financial situation to determine available assets and strategies for maximising returns on existing opportunities.

From here, the company’s expert team of researchers and dedicated property professionals sit down with clients to discuss specific financial goals and retirement strategies. At this stage in the process, Chase Edwards factor the following goals into the formulation of an appropriate investment strategy: how much wealth is required in order to sustain a retirement lifestyle, when a client would like to retire and any other individual requirements.

Market intelligence

Having the right information at your fingertips is an essential component for making an informed property investment decision. To that end, Chase Edwards employs a team of property analysts, financial advisers and consultants to assist in locating, purchasing and the financial management of an investment property to meet your requirements.

Importantly, during the initial stages of selecting an investment property, Chase Edwards will engage its in-house research team to identify areas that meet the firm’s strict investment criteria. From here, the company guides investors through the purchasing process and ensures that the investment is in-keeping with a client’s financial capacity, tax situation and overall wealth-generation goals.

Property investment for retirement

From their offices in Queensland and New South Wales, Chase Edwards provides specialist retirement planning advice centred on property investment. The firm has a proven track record for devising property-focused retirement plans that ensure their clients are able to stop working in time to enjoy the things they love.

In particular, the firm specialises in advising how to utilise self-managed superannuation funds for the purchase and management of property. Self-managed super funds represent a significant source of taxation savings, particularly for those in the process of preparing for retirement.

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